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How to protect the confidential information against any competitors and tricksters reliably?

Hundreds of companies worldwide lose thousands of dollars, because their competitors steal the blueprints of some new product and realize it faster, receiving great profit. The competitor can steal the results of the market researches, which the company had been accumulating for many years, and to use this information, causing the great damage to the victim company.

Tricksters can use the unprotected information, which is stored in a home computer, corruptly. It can be personal data, financial data, credit card numbers, logins and passwords for electronic purses, etc. You would be surprised if you knew how easy it is to intercept and read an electronic letter or to pick up any keys pressed on the keyboard. Hackers can connect themselves to any unprotected data communication lines and to get the confidential information in no time. According to The Business Week magazine, in 2005 the losses because of such activity in the USA were equal to $500 million.

How to protect the confidential information against any competitors and tricksters?

Fortunately this great problem has a solution. It is data encryption. As of today there are quite many reliable utilities, developed for the data encrypting. They have minor distinctions, but each of them performs the same task - secure holding and transferring of files. One of such programs is called ASL Crypto Manager, and is developed by Actual Software Lab Company (

Functionality of the program consists of easy encrypting and decrypting of any files stored in a computer. There is no need to have any special knowledge to use ASL Crypto Manager. The program can encrypt one or more files at the same time, using the same or different passwords.

The distinguishing feature of this program is the option for standard or secure password input.

standard input is using the keyboard

secure input using on-screen keyboard

The secure input feature is entering the password in such a way, that the possibility of password interception by the keyboard spy (key logger) is excluded; since, if the violator intercepts the password, any ultra protection becomes pointless.

Due to the strong and secure on-the-fly algorithm of encrypting and to the using of safe password input, it becomes nearly impossible for violators to grant access to the information.

In the today's violent world itís important, more than ever, to take care of your own security and the security for your close ones.



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